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Thursday, 6/13 at 11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET

You've heard (or maybe experienced…) the madness around scoring tickets to the Eras Tour. But the real can’t-miss event this year is… the New Era at FMG! 😉

Join industry experts Samantha and Susan as they pull back the curtain on FMG’s wildly popular features that have advisors buzzing (and getting results!). It’s an all-access pass to: 

💥 Industry-disrupting technology and features that save you time

💥 Marketing campaigns getting the attention of prospects

💥 Growth strategies with eye-popping ROI

This is an opportunity to gain insights into staying ahead of the competition and experience FMG's innovations first-hand. You won't want to miss this inside look into the New Era at FMG.

Secure your virtual front-row seat now!

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