Why Advisors Do Social Media Wrong 

(And How You Can Get it Right) 

Thursday, 4/27 at 11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET

Industry veterans Stacy Havener and Samantha Russell are sharing four fundamental social media shifts to accelerate your growth. 

       💡 How to create a personal brand (and when to
         use it)

        📑 The difference between gated content and
        zero-click content (and when to use them)

        🗣 Why the buzz around storytelling is real - and
        how to tap into it 

        💪 How advisors can avoid pitfalls and lean into
        power moves 

Samantha and Stacy will share concepts, tactics, and their own personal experience of growing their brands and businesses through the power of social media.

And at the end, they'll open up LinkedIn and do a live assessment of advisors' profile pages and posts - giving you direct insight into what they would change and how.

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Samantha Russell headshot-1

Samantha Russell
Chief Evangelist at FMG


Stacy Havener
Founder & CEO of Havener Capital Partners, LLC

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